How Can Virtual Reality Therapy Help My Child With Autism?

Shazia Khan
2 min readMar 18, 2021

February 2nd, 2021

Last year, we partnered with Floreo, a local, innovative company that leverages virtual reality to help children with ASD develop social, functional, and communication skills. Here is how it works: Children wear a light-weight VR headset and immerse in short lessons aimed to improve areas such as joint attention, initiating conversations, identifying emotions, crossing the street, and more. An adult facilitates the lessons and can collect data, as well! Essentially, Floreo is an iOS application that is installed on both an iPhone and an iPad; The iPhone is placed in the VR headset that the child wears, and an adult can control the lessons using the iPad.

We here at Meaningful Futures offer Floreo as a complementary therapy along with our other services, which include family consultations, treatment plan development, intensive individualized care, respite care, adult life planning, and therapeutic integration. Contact our office (301–641–6199, to learn more about our services, or book a free consultation to see if your child is eligible for our services!